Wednesday, November 10, 2010


-going school so tired...
-teachers all so buzy coz doing form 5 sijil berhenti
-resess eat mee
-today no go pusat sumber wif min & san T.T
-when no teacher at class ply card so funny
-today chines class is last time 3 class together adi...
-tat teacher so kek shao many ppl bo song he
-disccus wan go sentral pc fair & go zoo ply but maybe me no go coz thursday night go KL find mom mom friday birthday
-back home

-wash floor & give flower drink water
-ply wif golden & give golden eat
-study............... until X.X
-dono y today k remember many things maybe my brain "REBORN" adi!!! coz so long time din remember things~~thn now use back brain so REBORN adi~

-finish study!!! yosh!!
-lock door
-give golden eat & ply
-open com...
-learning how to use phone on9 fb (free)
-fairy tail & kekaishi comic got new d liao~~
-san give me c eunhyuk at kiss the radio there

-san give me donghae pic & sungmin donghae cute pic

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

yo!!! bek cek!!

morning at school!!!
-my class teacher come back adi!! dono y got a bit miss her~~~
-when recess me and min eat nasi lemak thn san and ting eat roti,after eat we eat together chips more!!!wahahaha~~i give sit beside we d sc2 ppl ask them wan eat bor?
them no coi me...geram!!!!!
-then give chew khim them eat.....
-go pusat sumber c newspaper
-back class study...
-i buy k-on d poss card & black star card,khr card come adi...
-i give san tat black star card san so happy~~

-today 2pm lepas sekolah.... kekshao when going home big!!! until home whole body basar adi....
-mandi thn eat roti egg....nice!!!
-study mathematic & bm novel
-jia xin give me write her "ji nian ce" yvonne also no give me write is my primary school friend also no give me write...sienz
-ply wif golden
-golden "kill" the flower i so sad...coz last time tat flower wan die adi thn i everyday give it drink water thn the flower REBORN!!! but today give golden "kill" adi... so sad

-eat dinner
-gugu come give we burger say me ...make me so angry
-thn take wif ying ying home address i wan post somethings to her~
-tat day we sing tat friend give yuki yuki so happy
-take wif san tat day at dhivian house yvonne take d photo...tat photo d quality so sad...haiz.....c until my eye wan break = =|||
-got happy things is yesterday no go school my friends so miss me~~ haha!~~say not me so boring....
-jing wen so sad coz our friends say her
-yim wan fairy tail movie...min com cnt c his pendrive so i help min...his pendrive got problem d = =||| make my com so scan also din have virus

Friday, November 5, 2010


morning 9++ wake up..10.30 san bring we go dhivian house...dhivian mom give we eat bihun & curry~so nice!! after eat we ply together a e i o u!so funny~~~ thn naquub thm go other ppl house we relax a while...we eat tat biscut so delicious~~ and drink water~~~vyonne them come...then after them eat we ply together a e i o u...when we ply vyonne take when we stop d pose...2pm we back home adi...coz brother call we back wan go gugu house eat!!

2pm back home...dry clothes...after dry clothes go gugu geli her food = = after eat lai su meh come...thn we go together temple...after go back home...i read novel a while slp...slp until 5pm more....thn take golden jogging...back home bath...

night brother buy dinner no nid go gugu house eat!!yes!!!eat full full~~thn help san ask ying wan record tat friend or not..ying wan...tat song is for yuki birthday we give her d present ~~ i open fb saw vyonne upload today d pic..she tag wrong ppl = =||| thn edit tat pic like sai...cnt tahan >"< thn brother go out and min traning together tat song..san finish lyrics come back we go out take back today morning dry d clothes = = u also got hand call we take sendiri cnt take?? qian da!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nice day!

today morning go aulong pasar eat!thn after eat go wash car...sit there so boring = =
wash 2 hour!! omg!! after wash car san ask wan go dhivian house bo?thn sure wan la >"< back home ting come~ thn san bring we go~~

sampai dhivian house...we chating,eating and playing!!we playing a e i o until wan die >"< cnt tahan~~~tat fei lok so baichi = =|||more thn 4pm back home~~bring golden jogging...after jogging bath...thn min teach me hard wan die liao XD thn slp until 7pm....

wake up thn my brother buy dinner give we eat...i so sad coz muchi dono who am i but i happy coz ying call me take care ourself~~haha~~open scandal blog c wat them doing~~haha~~and found eunhyuk & donghae at kiss the radio d picture~~~cute!!brother friends come so noisy = =

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy day~~

Today morning when wan go school raining!!!so big!!! omg >"<...wait until the rain small thn go school...wear tat pola bear jacket^^
after go school thn in class less ppl come coz rain mah...many student at homedo pig adi...

today so eat laksa & roti wif san~~ everday d but everyday also happy ^^ after eating go pusat sumber a min wan borrow news geh...boring >"<

11.00pm pengawas mesyuarat less pengawas...some pengawas holidays adi or going work...when mesyuarat i laugh until cry...tat kelvin vanan read so strange lor..tat fazrul read liao read again...tat michalle read like wan die adi = =||| thn i read wrong T.T haha....

after mesyuarat back class lor...thn cikgu saubiyani in class teaching coz her class ppl so less so combie 2 class together teach...last period is siti in class...she teaching so boring until i wan slp....tat saubiyani teaching very funny so i very happy...

back home after school min still cook rice only...thn i go wash the floor and ply wif golden...after wash floor wash plate...min cook chicken after cook eating...after eating go bath...

thn slp until 5 pm take golden go jogging...6.00pm++ gugu come...take we go eat...she so time hungry until die also don wan go out eat wif her adi...min say 1...after eating go the store buy gugu things....

back home night got ppl ply firework...the golden so noisy...tat wei yee so fanshu...ask me fanshu things boring lor...

find scandal anime (carton)c so cute + nice!! wahahaha~~ thn c them nice...i also wan go T.T haiz....thn found 1 acghk hong kong animation events...tat cosplay so funny...thn got many artics go preform.. got scandal!! them sing カゲロウ~~still got 中川翔子 & 下川美娜~~

Monday, November 1, 2010

The 1st day of November~

Today go BM seminar~~
sit wif min and san~~tat teacher talking so funny~~~tis seminar make me happy ^^
still got video c~~ but tat video sound so laugh!!! all ppl @.@ hahaha~~ gugu call me so many times = = after seminar me,san,min & yvonne take photo wif teacher~~i also got take some photo wif san~ after tat zi bring we back home...thn we go pasar malam wif somethings thn back home ^^ san is very paiseh d ppl! haha

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The last day of October

Midnight gugu sleeping so noisy....whole night cnt slp....morning 7.00am kacau me open door....

Today alone...1 ppl at home...sister go ceramah....boring.....
morning airing clothes....hand give golden bite T.T pain >"< scar....
afternoon see comic and ply wif golden.....

gugu take me go buy fruit and bring food to me...
night got ppl put firework....golden scare thn noisy = =

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today morning help golden bath ^^
Afternoon rain so big >"<
Download SCANDAL d song~~

help ying find english web k dl japan song~~thn i found!! give her~ she so happy...c her happy i also happy ^^

Night go tesco food court d chicken geli T.T...
after eating go buying....i saw my primary school bm teacher!! she still remember me and my sis!! so happy~~~

back home my gugu slp at my house.......haiz.....
found suju perform pic ~~ so cute and yeng ~~~

Friday, October 29, 2010

1st time!!

Today 1st time writing blog..... @.@
so blur >"< hahahaha~~~

At school......
boring....... = =
resest talking about suju things...
so funny~~~
hear san rap them say san like shindong san so sad >"<
but i think more like donghae!! @.@
wan SPM adi..... haiz.....

today found SCANDAL new song.... song name is Nanka Butsu Toba se....
mv so yeng~~~ ^^v

night go pasar malam buying dinner....
upload 18no! d video to fb~~