Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween XD

Long time din update blog adi....

15/10 go Thailand Kolipeh.....
The island really sibeh beautiful.......
Beautiful then Pangkor........

too many photo XD all at ↑↑ HERE

27 & 28 is 1st taiping Anime Fiesta.....
not so good loh.....really have feel sad when reach ter >"<
but finally i take photo wif cosplayer XD
my 1st time~~~~
December KL have a Comic Fiesta.......

I wan go but scare my boss X give i go nia..... TAT
i know will used many money but i wan go!!!!
if go ter k meet ying also XD

So good wif me d Aunty B'DAY XD

 feel a bit same face >"<

Long time din voice call wif san & ying ad >"<
feel so happy XD
yesterday night go dinner wif san XD
have a nice day

Searching when i was young watch geh anime song.......
after i hear i feel i old jor.... TAT

Monday, October 8, 2012

8、10、2012 A NICE DAY

today lunch eat MC D SAMURAI XD Used tips money buy geh........

today i helping kitchen have a funny & fun day XD
kitchen work really hard tat y money more thn waiters.....

im now is waiters,cashier & a small kitchen helper XD hahahahha

boss so fast to up my sallary coz she now im not bad >"<

Tonight closed shop we go A RAHMAN eat......chatting and eatting after main chef bck we 3 starting talk about work things....chat jor manything......erm.....my mood gt become more nice a bit hahahahahah

today i use  MC D kotak and botol do MC D CAR XD
not so nice but im happy also >"< i still put my DOMO sit at car ter hahahahahha~~
photo i 2moro upload

thursday wan go thailand kolipe adi XD
boss a bit x syok but i sure wan go!!! coz i scare din have chance go adi = =

scandal concert i cnt go adi........HAIZ......


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


today go sushi king eat 1 plate rm2 only saw many sunior & friend also

haiz... dono wan write wat also
haha tis song is ba bu the mama ost lai geh...erm a old song lai d

 my nephew and i

                  we go new MCD at Lake garden

tat new aunty too good for me i got a bit scare loh 0.0 so fanshu hoh = =||||