Tuesday, June 19, 2012


today off
wake up at 11.30am.....slp until like pig 0.0 don wan wake up....lazy.....min finish school we go out eat....go panorama eat jor RM65>"< but so delicious and nice !!~~~~~muahahahahah eat until full full XD

night go KTV wif friend long time din singing adi loh.....so kek and high become so low....haiz.....happy is chat wif san long time din chat and laugh like tat also liao lo......XD

happy also is got many korean song >"< boyfriend song XD muahahahahha sing wif san >"<

today use jor many money loh >"<

hope san will less argue wif her family happy everyday ......

sienz 2moro wan work liao >"<

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Happy Father's day
12.30am for 17/6/2012 adi TAT

Boyfriend & FX come back!~~~

nanananana e-e-electric shock~~~

love style~~~~

mmuahahahah thn i go cut many bf love style mv photo like siao geh >"<
today work so kek coz tat Colleague do wrong thing still many partern so all ppl don like him....tell him wat he wrong don wan hear still say ppl wrong kek sei... = = don syok him loh if k he stop job loh = = all ppl also will happy >"<

today so many ppl maybe coz 2moro father's day gua....night go eat wif min & san d friend...chat manything feel happy also >"<


                FX ELECTRIC SHOCK