Monday, February 20, 2012

20 FEB 2012

few time din update blog adi....
nth write also.........

today x go work coz car rosak thn call superviser told her she say if k go noon shift
i don wan go & cnt go
mama say cycle go = =
4KM leh.......

thn call ppl come change car battery
finally the car is ok
the battery is RM200 i pay RM100

help min drawing 2moro perform shirt
thn coz too many adi & i nth do so go school help thm draw

finally reach
tat time still perhimpunan = =
pengetua also at ter my hair got colour 0.0
i not scare d but after san say scared sei me lo TAT
we pindah something to up floor thn i help a lu pindah a drum to canteen
sit ter starting drawing thm got pratice

teacher and 1 seniour come
tat seniour call me suet min 0.0
hahahah laugh sei me >"<
thn the teacher say tis say tat kek lo....
but thm say tis teacher is most good at tis club and school........

hearing song & dancing & singing & drawing
i feel angry when thm say don wan tat i draw d thing
a san feel i angry ask i wat happen
i think tat moment my face so black

after few miniute x thing adi just think i so stupid only
thn when going bck at car chatting at car
tat time k say i just talking wif myself = =
thn laugh coz thm say something
thx u ya!!!
( a lu & a san & pei ee )
coz i For a long time did not laugh so happy

ok la ppyong~~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14 feb 2012

happy valentine's day!!!
chocolate XD

no boyfriend!!!

nvm still got family XD

today wake up is 11.00am wakakakakaka
i really a pig
yesterday i tell ying i must slp more thn 7hour boom dao her XD
really if not i will super tired d TAT
and feel headache also

open computer
open fb lo
saw all ppl say happy valentine's day
some ppl scold single so sad 0.0
19 time valentine day also single geh hahaha so i din have wat feel also XD
still got 1ppl say if u single don go out wif ppl coz if u go out wif the opposite sex ppl will  misunderstand 
 if u go out wif same sex will give ppl say u gay or less 

muahhaahahah laugh sei me XD
i dono leh coz i go out wif family mah
waiting min come bck thn ying on9 say she fail jor 0.0
pity wan take exam again hope she will pass !!!!!
she just on9 a few min only

we go eat chicken rice
long time no eat
so delicious XD

we go popular and dynamic
at popular i saw vocaloid live dvd!!!!
just RM15!!! is singapore live & tokyo!!!!!
haiz... i wan TAT
mom scold = =
still got other anime TAT haiz......
thn i go beside popular d shop but grass tea
wow delicious wow >"<

thn go dynamic....
i saw mini guitar !!!!!
just RM39only.... i say i wan buy thn kenal mama scold
say home got a big d u don wan wan buy mini d
i say tat too big my finger cnt ply also mah 0.0
thn saw harmonica i wan!!!!!!
haiz....RM15<< mama say waste money and u also dono ply
i say k learn at youtube mah XD
kenal scold again.....
sad sei TAT

bck home c bf ep05 haha
so happy >"<
thn download bf photo

cute jeongmin

rap kwangmin

dandy style youngmin

leader donghyun

main vocal hyunseong

dance learder matne minwoo

we r boyfriend hamida XD


13 FEB 2012

yesterday m shift early bck 7.00pm bck adi
thn so less ppl checking cloth and pant
boring when work just stand ter fa dai only
after work walk go pasar malam
we buy many food
eat until so full TAT
dono y all food so delicious XD

thn when we buying a man hit a car bonet ter so kuat
we all see him
her wife tarik her still got a son
he scold langgar ppl dono stop and say sorry ah?? wat la blar blar so loud
terkejut 0.0
the driver is a old man
a whole car also is old ppl 0.0

open computer
nothing do thn ply sara no kiseki
ply until head become big 0.0

waiting san open msn
wait until feel sleepy = =
wait she send song give me
thn ying on9 saw her msn status thn know 2moro she wan to take car exam
she always mati enjin 0.0
thn chat wif and ply my game

she off adi i also wan sleep tat time san on9 liao 0.0
give me link thn i go download all run until 80 / 90% cnt move
si beh kek shao d lo = =

bf academy w ep05 out adi XD
so tired cnt c 0.0
                                        donghyun bday cake~~jeongmin always eat eat eat = =

Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 FEB 2012

today working
oh tired lo....
really lazy wake up TAT

less ppl.......
today heart pain
thn feel headache and like a bit wan pengsan but finally x thing happen
saw many st.john member coz got blood activiti

walk go tesco
many ppl thn sentral thn i saw potato jacker 2 for RM5
cheap sei XD thn i but jor haha
tat time i c wan finish liao d
after tat my supervisur borrow my tesco card go buy bt finish adi hahahaha

saw form 3 classmate yi wen sending flower to sentral
thn i saw wei lun & jin san thm and min friend jeff

reach house off lampu adi
all slp liao
thn mama wake up tell me icecube got bali and if hungry go cook mee
cook maggi mee eat
thn put too many water tambah black oil thn black oil too many
phone fall down to tong
inside tong got water when i take up the phone still open d = =

take out battery and use dry hair d dry
after few minute open k use
walao!! samsung phone so pro ya XD
dry until phone so hot = =

thn open com lo chat wif san
ying x on9 TAT
c comic long time x c adi XD



Saturday, February 11, 2012

11 FEB 2012

Today working time start at 1.30pm
so morning we go lake garden XD
walk walk and take some photo ( x got me d is i take 1 so btf & nice leh~~ my teknic so good 1 )

thn go eat lo
after eat bck home help golden bath thn ply computer

going work
so many car lo and hot sei....
thm saw my depan d hair i ikat thm say wat happen to u?
0.0 omg haiz....coz hot mah......

thn put down my hair lo = =
saw mei luan
her brother wan marry liao >"<
thn we chatting
say dao wow so many ppl married we friend & school ppl
all is got baby thn married d >"<
give her my hp nombor at FB
she become lagi beautiful adi TAT

all friend become btf just me look like tat only TAT

got custermer ask me thing thn i too long time x use & talk BM
tat moment i 4get BM how to say at tat word thn i using english
tat boy work wif me d open mouth so big
tat time i think maybe he dono english
when close shop tat indian girl tell her u look so funny thn he ask other 1 ppl wat her means?
omg!! he really dono english!! if dono talk but know hear ok mah 0.0 do until so lengzai also x use = =

bck home eat rice.......
ying reach sitiawan adi yesterday nite 1 am slp coz just reach = =
boom sei
she say if got chance wan hug me but i so paiseh lo
a san hug i also paiseh 0.0 we become friend so many years adi and always play 2gether i also feel paiseh

is boyfriend leader donghyun d bday~~~

saeng ill chuk ha ham ni da ,
saeng ill chuk ha ham ni da ,
sa lang ha nen donghyun oppa,
 saeng ill chuk ha ham ni da

                                         haha oyasumi~~~ ppyong

Friday, February 10, 2012

10 feb 2012

today working x have ppl boring
but hearing all nice song XD
happy sei coz today is 2nd supervisur play song~~~
nice english song , nice chinese song and some korean song
beast & super junior d song XD

today when rest time walking go TESCO buying food
i buy CHEESE ONION BREAD ichiban desu!!!!
nyahahahahaha thn saw phui kuan and her sister buying beg 0.0
saw her again hahahaha is destiny??? >"<
y always saw dao her d hah??
thn i go boom her hahaha chat a while thn go back

go kids station c things
then i saw k on d gongzai
OMG!!!! same wif i saw ppl put at fb d !!!!
1 set 10 ppl and RM85
i not will buy....
so expensive lo.... 1ppl RM8.5
if k just buy 5 i buy lah....
wait late a bit maybe will become cheap XD

i go tell jingwen got new cloth come
thn when she try & c cloth saw a lu & li ting
boom dao again 0.0
y all things also ngam ngam d?
chat wif thm thn c jingwen try cloth
all ppl after out school fat liao
hahahahahahahah i also TAT

thn night got THAI ppl come asking cloth
using hokkien i x understand my supervisur also dono hear = =
boom dao thn other ppl go rest adi......
thn other 1 ppl talking using chinese boom dao me
her chinese so good XD

when pay money
i ask herr u thai ppl right?
then she say yes , my friend married wif malaysia ppl so always come here play
i say oh,ur chinese so good lo...she smile thn when changed money my supervisur no say thank you maybe dono how to say using wat language also hahahahah
then i say KAP-KUM-KA
she terkejut say wah u know Thai language also?? still asking me got go Thailand play before??
i say when i was yound XD thn i tell her i learn myself she smile walk out and tell her friend
my supervisur also terkejut haha i just laugh thn run go rest XD

i x tell her my japanneses lagi pro XD
don say many later other ppl sei my "qun"

2moro 1.30pm start work
and i change to tuesday off adi
coz got 1ppl wan change wif me just change lo nvm geh

min go eat KFC
mama x cook so after work going mamak ter eat
saw wei lun thm
boom dao me!!!
y saw dao & meet dao many ppl today??? 0.0

destiny???? hahahahahaha
eating and chating
many fanshu thing back home bath and on9.....
say 2moro morning go lake garden.....
mama say wan help golden bath...omg!!! will died d!!!!
sure tired lo...

ying x on9 busy gua......
chat wif san
x things do fid k on pic

dono wat happen

hope i friend like tat wif me SMILE 4EVER & FREIDN 4VER


9 FEB 2012

haha today work.......
erm x things happen
just suprise saw phui kuan  thm buying cloth at i working shop

i never tell thm thm also dono hahaha
It Must Be Fate!!! 
joke lah hahaha

jia hui still using VISA CARD to buy cloth
wow~~~ so rich lo TAT
thm call me go genting also....

night msn wif ying...
she doing homework 2moro must pass up coz she wan go back sitiawan.....
pity her lo.....
wan do manything ....
homework , club meeting and blar blar blar.......

think y i so free geh?? hahahahahaa
just ok la 1 week of 1 day 1 day start work at 1.30pm thn other days is 12hour.....
haiz.... pity TAT
but now i do biasa adi...
leg x so pain liao XD

we chatting valentine's day 
thn i say x gt bf just same with a normal day
ying say she never got bf before......

i tell her dulu i tell my mom i don wan married wan 2gether wif u
hahaha thn my mom say me sot
ying also got tell her mom like tat haha XD
then she say she will alone 4ver 0.0
i think maybe i will also...
coz......i too yeng adi TAT haiz....

thn i say my friend so less
bday celebrate wif friend x have be4 coz i saw fb got ppl upload bday taking photo wif friend my friend so less rapat d just a san only...
working d lagi x rapat
thn ying say she also x have friend at school d x rapat also 0.0
haiz.....pity pity.....

i also x know wat is pakto and tat feeling
k say got pakto 1 time ( when i form 1)
but just sms only din have keluar 2gether also.....
kira pakto meh?? TAT
i also dono >"<
thn just some week not enough 1 month break liao lo.......
he buy phone for me thn i give back him.....
really hurt him lo....regret accept him XD

san sick jor
thn i sms her


Sunday, February 5, 2012


today is 2nd for tis work
i drive car go today coz min go Buddhist Association
thn also too early liao,.......
haha XD

sit at ter
and tat most big d come to chat with me
she come to work by 11 bus 0.0 ( walk )
live at happy part 
she rent house d.....
so pro walk come d 
hot & tired loh.....

she dulu got at JB & KL do.....
so pro XD
she is most friendly 1 TAT
other 1 a girl also tell me manything
chat many x use d things also
still teach me how to lipat cloth TAT
hahahah paishe lo 

when rest time eating bread and hearing song....
thn thm saw me thn terkejut haha
today ok abit liao
yizi father mother come shop find me
thn give dao thm saw 0.0

but x scold me just ask me who lai d
and say so funny like wan gaduh 0.0 is parent?
not lah... is my brother gf d father & mother TAT

today take dao uniform liao XD
is girl size d XL
same with me d boy x do liao
so man department just i 1 ppl jaga only = =

boyfriend academy w so funny 
haha nice XD

update thm photo today 

                                                    jo twins youming & kwangmin

gangster jeongmin
school boy hyunseong
youngmin danddy style

fashion king donghyun
sleeping kwangmin



today is 1st day i work at taiping sentral mall effu ( shop name )
so pro...
12 hour......
rest 2 hour.....
leg wan patah liao.....

i really crazy accept tis job...........
whole day i 1 ppl d name also x know....
hahahaha pro leh XD

i look at Men's clothing department...
x nice d....
girl d more easy but custemer more a bit lo........

finish work min & san come to fetch me
tat time got feeling to cry.....
when standing ter i also got think....
dulu i do tat job really so easy.........

after bath my leg wan patah......
pain sei!!!!!!!!!

ok 88

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st day of february 2012

so so so long time din update blog......
coz lazy...

Cny eve we clean house until died......
take jor SOME photo XD

CNY working......
until 26 i think >"<
stock finish thn no sell liao lo

next day go sentral eat MC D
i belanja
we 3 people eat jor RM48 TAT
pity me TAT
we saw THE JOURNEY 2 3D
nice lah XD

We also take some photo >"<

We go melaka & KL
Drive iswara go TAT
goind ipoh when inside the cave front of we d avanza emergency break!!!!
thn we langgar tiok 0.0
Mama say bo thn continue.....
Haiz..... Heart dun move tat time

download many game and some movie
Twiligh 4 & gongfu panda 2
game is sora no kiseki
3 chapter also download
i just slp 4 hour tat time
mama thm still go swimming pool play i lazy go

next day go melaka
eating KFC at Alor Gajah XD
the kfc shop look like slice of pizza

after eat go find my aunty
sit ter boring....
evening go her house c TVB d movie......

wait other 1 parent come until died
we go eat ourself....
i less eat coz x have hungry just drink many chinese tea XD
after eat we go tesco buy for steamboot d food

sleep at floor....
so hot...
next day wake up and go eat
after eat go sembayang my grandfather.......
back home ready steamboot i too tired thn slp at sofa........
dono how long >"<

kitchen too small cnt help.....
wait them come back until 5pm baru take photo TAT
all wan back early for work & son wan go school 2moro......

fetch chin back KL
saw her house d dog...
haha so cute but so big TAT

we still got eat mini laksa XD
so spicy
eat until wan cry TAT

reach home 1am ++
tired lo.....

finding work.....
I lost my job


go c thm pratice dance....
thn accident...
them monitor...
very serious.....
car concave and mirror broken.......

then after his family come fetch him go hospital
Taiping hospital d ppl do all thing also slow motion......
his right hand patah.........
if say false....
me and min also got.......
a kok also >"<
The boy also.........

lazy to think.......
thn when waiting at hospital
thm all chat look until so happy
leave me 1 ppl sit at ter.....
coz x kenal thm..........
thn i got a feeling wan to do a quite ppl
smart & professinol k leh fair.....
but for me...
is so hard.............

i like always become the driver......
now drive car fetching friend and family must must becareful....

Yesterday night c Boyfriend Academy W
haha funny and gandong XD

ahui genki up up up!!!!!

must always be happy~~~
maybe long time x hear k on song XD
korean song also less adi TAT

                                     WE ARE~~ HOKAGU TEA TIME XD