Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 / 3 /2012

Today is last day for March 2012
Bad thing are forgotten , a new start XD

morning when wake up si beh tired coz yesterday night 2am slp TAT
watch Guilty Crown XD
so gan zhiong mia >"<

we go lake garden
help them take photo coz is chin & geng d wedding annivesary
they yesterday still go zoo 0.0

today noon shift , min go school
i fetch them back home
fetch mai a kok & a san
then we discuss IU day dance & sing d  thing
headache @.@
we go a san house
1st time go her new house XD
syok mia hahahahahaha

today sentral so many ppl maybe Miss Earth Taiping d problem gua
or is last day March and ching ming festival 0.0
my partner today last day adi feel sad lo coz x ppl chat wif me adi.......
i ask superviser y all department got a ppl hander but child here bo d?
then she say is u hander d mia = =
boom sei me
i just jaga ter 1 month only TAT

i know the reason y they change me to ter adi....
start from 2moro im the most big at the department
then girl department a girl part time d come me here for temperaly only
dono real or not mia TAT


30 / 3 / 2012

today a geng come taiping coz 2moro is chin & him d 1th wedding anniversary
i in noon shift
wake up at 10pm thn open computer c comic XD
drink milo & eat bread

Still thinking tat IU Day 0.0
wan perfrom or not
dono y when i think dao tis question my heart beat so fast 0.0
feel like scare but also feel so tension & stimulate = =|||
now got 5 ppl adi if i join is 6 ppl so weird
and i'm a trouble maker~~~~~ ♩♪♫♬

hahahha so dono how
c 1st loh.....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

29 /3 / 2012

today continue help model change clothe
erm not bad mah
after i change got ppl buy tat clothe
tat clothe store got many coz x ppl buy so i  happy XD

today Penny Tai come
i 1st time saw her real ppl
lenglui but too thin adi lah
her voice super nice!!!! walao eh >"<
tat superviser give i c so happy !!!
for law is cnt d TAT
she so good mia

mama & chin today cook spegaty so nice >"<
mushroom d XD
now tat IU day d dance got 5 ppl adi if enough ppl i no nid dance liao
coz i so mahuan if i got dance all ppl wan wait i tuesday off then pratice haiz.........
but got a bit feel wan to dance also......
san tat day say wan duet wif me
then now....................................................
i dono her
i dono..................

maybe i no go better
 coz i really so mafan

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28 / 3 / 2012

monday 26 / 3 / 2012 morning shift then early back go pasar malam
go buy wallet RM 10 only beh pai mah XD
c new anime Guilty Crown
2011 year d haha

inori so yeng + lenglui

tuesday off
monday night 3 am slp then 11pm wake up
c comic XD
belanja family eat KFC
eat jor RM48.05 XD

go giant play hahahaha
then back home c comic
i download Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
beh pai mah hahahahah

min & san school interact club IU Day is japanese d then wan perform
hahahha thn 1st thing i think is COSPLAY?!!!!!!!
but no cloth also TAT
min call ying2 come hahaha but she busy maybe cnt come lo TAT sad nia

i will go help they perform not enough & don wan ppl perform
san say she don wan dance
1st time hear she say don wan to dance TAT
she say got 2 ppl wan dance
but they wan dance suju mr,simple = = then i say if found 9 ppl k lo
min don wan mr.simple i also don wan lo

if give i choose i choose SHINee Replay XD
coz so fun tat song
san say wan duet dono wan wat song 0.0
wan they kenal mia means popular d song.....
haiz so pressure d but feel happy XD

today work help model change cloth
after changed so happy coz look nice
2moro Penny Tai come
haiz cnt c coz work TAT sad mia.....

Natsume Youchinjou shi finish adi...
13 ep only...wan wait season 5 liao TAT

Now everyday hear Sherlock & c dance XD
tat song damm nice!!! dance also >"<

Saturday, March 24, 2012

24 /3 / 2012

today working 0.0
then got event cut hair or wat so manything still got live band
sing old song >"<
then saw pik ching , pei yun & shu rong
chatting wif them hahahaha happy XD

ying reply my message adi
she take all A
7A+ 1A 2A-
si beh pro
walao eh TAT
but congratz to her

night we dancing
chin say wan learn T-ARA Lovey Dovey
i just k dance tat suffle only 0.0
then laugh until i wan die
wei hong also follow we laugh

chin say too hard wan change song
then change Gee & OH
tat bodywave just i do only 0.0 a san teach d
when at OH & Gee got dance tiok  >"< just i k do only them cnt do TAT



Friday, March 23, 2012

23 / 3 / 2012

SHINee's back XD

Oh I'm curious yeah 사진 속 네가 순간 걸어나와 왜 / 照片中的你怎会突然出现

Oh I'm so curious yeah, I'm so curious yeah

Tonight SHINee's in the house wo ho
So give it up give it up give it up for SHINee
Give it up give it up give it up for SHINee


MY destop wallpaper & facebook timeline cover

ppyong~~~ i'm so curious yeah~~~~~

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 / 3 /2012

a boring days.......

monday i morning shift back early we go pasar malam

buy many food thn sit at mamak shop ter eat hhahahahah
we got call 4 teh tarik XD

watch anime
Another & Natsume Youjinchou shi
watch Natsume until 2am hahaha thn kenal scold baru go slp
i cry coz too touching adi XD

then tuesday wake up at 11am o'clock

become pig >"<
breakfast eat mushroom soup i buy 1
1 tin 320g for RM4.99 cheap or expensive i also dono coz i wan to eat XD
buy jor 2 tin

then sit at computer ter whole afternoon XD
night go pasar malam again >"<
is at simpang ter d tis pasar malam big leh but small then KL d TAT
we buy some food thn back home eat
watch anime comic XD
the magician of negi finish adi
so touching mia

Yesterday is boyfriend 300th day!!! congratz boyfriend






yesterday i saw natsume youjinchou zouku ending d video
ppl make 1
make i cry so long time
cnt stop TAT
  i cut d XD opening 

                            opening also
                  When Small Natsume
 wow tis  so yeng mia
wow hahahahahahha tis anime so pro always make i cry 1
dono y tat supervisur like x syok me
is she interview me d
starting still got chatting wif me then after few time bo liao
Y ?
i also dono haiz TAT
she got chatting wif other ppl just x chat wif me only

sometime i ask her thing im feel scare
Y? i also dono 0.0
i ask so friend wif me d supervisur she say she so good 1 just her face like tat
and she less talk wif me TAT
y them don wan talk wif me?????
im got wat problem??

April 1 wan go qing ming
dono k go or not '
if i noon shift k lah
i tell her adi
last year x go coz a chin wedding cnt go

ok la

Monday, March 19, 2012

14 3 2012

happy white days!!!!
for me just a normal day muahhahahaha

0.0 sot d coz i x have bf mah TAT
bo ppl wan me
i too lengzai?? muahhahahaha = =|||

Dont crazy lah  u TAT
maybe i too noisy & not beautiful
so stupid >"<

  Boyfriend Jeongmin!!

                              ( behind got minwoo )

                                                         Boyfriend Leader


                        y u always wear sunglass?  So lengzai mia XD


                                     Y u so beautiful??? muahahah like a girl

                 Minwoo u so cute mia >"<

Hyunseong >"<

          Key & Teamin


                                                 wow lolipop so big



                         Tis picture so funny nia!!!

                                          Happy White's day            88  jana c u ppyong

19 3 2012

work work and work

work at EFFU got more thn a month
but i still x friend wif some colleague
just friend wif my partner and my "a tou" superviser

but my partner do until tis month thn will stop adi....
haiz....sad nia..............
yesterday waiting mom come fetch me
i sit ter wait jor 40 min = =|||
them 4 get to fetch me boom sei......
my phone low battery TAT
tat moment i feel down & sad....
sence of presence is very low

who is my friend?
wer is my friend? ( odiro ganni? )
haiz........ really feel super sad nia..........TAT

coz im not friend k die 1 ppl........
feel down again
feel sad again is cnt go taylor college open day....... haiz got cosplay TAT
performance!!!! ah!!!! DIED
i c a new anime
name "Another"

K on lets go
we MIRACLE project cover XD

tis song is most nice cover in miracle project
1st project all member cover

Natsume season 4 XD

nice sei
super like tis anime

so touching 1 make i cry.......

Boyfriend XD
Kwangmin XD

ah jeongmin u so beautiful XD

Super junior Donghae & Eunhyuk

before & after 9 years same pose
become mature & yeng adi

U so handsome ya XD

tis k do destop wallpaper so nice mia >"<
cute sei !!!! wahahahahha

ok la 88 ppyong

Saturday, March 10, 2012


few days x write blog
coz slp early
feel sleepy = =
and chin close light  = =

learning rap
now i also like to rap
maybe san give me rap virus 0.0
tis fews day sms wif ying
she say rap so yeng 1 XD
san know will happy hahahah

her school got open day
i cnt go
she still got performance
sad sei me TAT

i learn boyfriend not 1 but 2  d rap part
i know sing adi coz not so hard
san call me go learn  Never Give Up by B.A.P ( Bang Yong Guk & Zelo)
Bang Yong Guk is BAP d leader thn Zelo is maknae
They voice so special

san mood x good hear min say lah
argue wif family again....haiz......
ok la

jeongmin & kwangmin sleeping

w academy finish!!!! congratz to boyfriend!!! hope them will become world star

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